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Item Tanglewood T6 Acoustic Guitar Amp
Price £25.00
Make Tanglewood

Tanglewood T6 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
The all new Tanglewood T6 Acoustic Guitar Amp looks and sounds amazing! This modern acoustic amplifier comes with a host of new features.
The amp is for the performing musician as it has 60 Watts of power that can really be boomed out.
Channel 1 is for your electro acoustic guitar, with a 1/4″ input jack, gain control, 3 band EQ and contour switch for extra brightness.
Channel 2 has a balanced XLR input, and a switch to reroute to the 1/4″ Line In jack, gain control, bass and treble.
Both channels then share the Effects, with a ‘pan’ rotary knob to phase the effects between them, so we have hall and plate reverbs, chorus/room and delay, with a level control for all 4.
Round the back are sockets for the footswitch, headphones, line out (1/4″), send and return effects loop and a tuner (also 1/4″).
The Tanglewood T6 is very easy to get going with, very simple controls, and you can quickly dial in a good range of bright or dark tones.
The effects are very usable as well, and the pan control allows these on both channels at the same time or independently.
Looking strikingly similar to a rival manufacturers product but about half the price, the Tanglewood T6 acoustic amp offers excellent performance and value for money.

60 Watts
8″ Speaker
Reverb (Hall and Plate)
MP3 input
Gig Bag included